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About once or twice a month, Dorothy, Mama, and I would go to San Angelo to get groceries. Cliff would allow Dorothy about $20.00. Half for groceries and half for beer. No matter how much she had, half was for beer. It would be an all-day trip. The speed limit was 45 mph. Boy! That was really speeding. You open the windows (no air conditioner), put your hand out the window and play airplane. I bet we were going, at least, 35 mph!

MaMa knew Dorothy didn’t have enough money for lunch, so she would suggest we needed to go over on North Chadbourne Street to the Better Burger Stand. She would buy the burgers and cokes. It was a treat for all of us. That was the only time we ever ate out. Dorothy said one time, that was the best day of all. She loved Better Burger burgers. I did, too (with lots of onions)!

By the way, I was 12 years old and would drive MaMa to San Angelo.

– Brenda

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