Family Day

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Every Sunday was Family Day — put on a pot of red beans and corn bread, make potato salad, fry the chicken or cook a roast. Make pies — always chocolate, and lemon or peach cobbler.

Cliff, Dorothy and all the kids would come to “MaMa and Nem’s”. Dinner was at 12:00 noon. The grown-ups would sit at the big table in the dining room and the kids would sit at the kitchen table in the kitchen. The grown-ups would have coffee, tea and milk. The kids usually always had Kool-Aid or milk. After dinner, the women would clean up, wash the dishes and go out on the front porch. The kids would go out and play. The men were already out there. In the winter, we could to to the living room — sit, talk, and visit. Sometimes, we would cut a watermelon or make homemade ice cream — everybody had a turn at the crank.

– Brenda

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