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Three hundred sixty-five days a year, every morning, Dorothy put the coffee on and made biscuits. Biscuits for breakfast, biscuits for lunch, biscuits for supper — the best biscuits I ever ate or will. She tried to teach me how to make them, but they never looked or tasted like hers. After school, the first thing anybody did, was go to the kitchen table, take the cup towel off the big bowel in the middle of the table, take a biscuit, dig out the middle. Eat that and fill the hole with syrup. Um-Um, good! I can almost taste them, now.

With money scarce, it was too expensive to buy bread from the store — shoot — it was probably 10 cents a loaf!! A loaf of bread didn’t go too far with a house full of kids. And 10 cents was about as much as a dollar or more, compared to today.

– Brenda

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